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Бесплатный онлайн-конвертер изображений в текст с оптическим распознаванием символов извлекает текст из изображения, отсканированного документа или распечатанного PDF-файла с помощью оптического распознавания символов. Теперь любое изображение будет легко преобразовано или отсканировано в текст, и вы получите редактируемые документы с помощью этого текстового генератора изображений.


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How does the image to text converter work?

To better deal with different types of input OCR, you need dedicated and better OCR software. Worry no more, as our photo to text generator will do everything for you to digitize text from an image. recognize text from a picture will be able to work with various image formats and improve the accuracy of text recognition.

It doesn't matter if you want to convert jpg to text or pdf image to text, the tool extracts text from image of your choice. Also, to improve the recognition of text from an image, you can specify the language of your image file with this image text reader.

So, just follow the steps below to convert any image, scanned documents or PDFs to ocr text.


  • First of all, select the language of the image in which you want to perform the OCR scan.

  • Now just drag it to the specified field OR you can add the image url to the specified 'field.

  • Finally, click the "Start OCR" button.


  • convert picture to text parses text from uploaded image and quickly converts it to editable text format.

  • After the OCR scan is complete, you can choose to OCR by photo to download, it can be in Microsoft Word (Docx), Portable Document Format (pdf) or txt plain (txt).

What is OCR?

OCR is an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition. It is an innovative technology for recognizing text within images, including scanned documents and photographs. OCR scanning technology is believed to be the best way to convert various types of images containing written text (typed, typed, or handwritten) into machine-readable text data. You can use free picture to text, which solves the problem of recognizing text from photos of different kinds of symbols. Our image text reader uses advanced text recognition to help convert images to text.

How does optical character recognition work?

These are the three main stages of optical character recognition that an OCR scanner uses to recognize text from a picture. Our image to text extractor will also take into account OCR technology to extract or convert image to text on the web.

Pre-processing of images in OCR:

Generally, OCR software is the best way to preprocess images, increasing the chances of successful OCR. The main purpose of image preprocessing is to improve the actual image data. With this help, all unwanted distortions are suppressed and certain image functions are improved. These two processes are extremely important for the next steps. Image preprocessing works efficiently for recognizing text from an image.

OCR character recognition:

When it comes to actual character recognition, it is very important to understand what “feature extraction” is. Thus, if the data is too large to process, then only a reduced set of functions is selected. Remember that the selected features must be important, while copying text from the picture, which is supposedly redundant, are ignored. However, performance will be improved by using the reduced dataset instead of the original large dataset. The Image to Text OCR Converter converts the [image to text] shape to provide the best possible OCR results.

When it comes to the OCR process, this is critical because the algorithm must detect certain parts or shapes of a digitized image or video stream.

Post-processing in OCR:

Post-processing is the best error correction procedure to ensure high accuracy of text recognition. However, if the output is limited to lexicon, the accuracy can be further improved. For this reason, the algorithm can return to the list of words that may appear in the scanned document.

Remember, OCR is used not only to identify the correct words, but also to read numbers and codes. Online OCR for the identification of long strings of numbers and letters, such as serial numbers, used in many industries.       

recognize text from a picture

Remember that the images that the digital camera clicks on are different from scanned documents or PDFs that contain only images. Typically, these images are distorted, making it difficult for most OCR scanners to correctly recognize text. Free online optical character recognition from picture to text translation uses optimized technology to recognize text from picture.


During an OCR scan of the Photo-to-Text Converter, the algorithm recognizes characters from printed sources and converts them accurately to digital format. Once OCR is complete, the digital format becomes easily searchable and editable.

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