Blog / From Images to Editable Text: A Closer Look at OCR Tool

From Images to Editable Text: A Closer Look at OCR Tool

From Images to Editable Text: A Closer Look at OCR Tool

Suppose that you have an image which is loaded with some crucial information and you seek a way to extract text from it. There are two different ways to do so: first, you ought to start typing all the text manually into your notepad file. Second, you have to get an online image text extractor that takes a couple of seconds and pull out all the text from the particular image file.

Well, specifically focused on extracting text from images or scanned files. For user convenience, this source entertains you with an online OCR-based image to text converter that lets you convert a batch of images at once into editable text files without sacrificing over the formatting.

What is an Image to Text Technology?

This is mainly referred to as OCR technology that comes with the ability of scanning any image or documents and extract text-based extraction from them. You can find that this technology is considered an Optical Scanner for swiftly recognizing the text inside a particular image file. Once the text is recognized after scanning, it will be then converted into editable text or digital copy. So, say goodbye to the tedious manual typing and embrace the convenience of image to text technology for effortless data extraction.

Image to Text Converter by

You can find that is a widely spread desktop-based solution that comes out on top due to its best image to text OCR conversions. It only requires a couple of seconds to grab text from existing images. It's not as simple as it seems, remember that it uses advanced AI-based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for swift and accurate results. 

It is an accurate tool that can extract text from various sources such as images, PDF files, and printed documents like business cards, receipts, and invoices, transforming them into editable and searchable digital text.

With this online assistance, the day is gone to retype the text manually, you can effortlessly transform physical documents into digital copies and unlock their full potential. Let's explore the incredible working and features of the OCR tool offered by and see how it can simplify your workflow.

How to Extract Text with Image to Text Converter by Cardscanner?

  • Open your web-based browser on any device and no matter what operating system you’re using on
  • Then, navigate to > >
  • Very next, you have to add either screenshot, scanned document (image), PDF, or any type of images that packed with text
  • This is where image to text OCR technology gets to make conversions. This OCR scanning seems like an electronic pair of eyes commence scanning the uploaded files from top to bottom and left to right. The most auspicious part of this image to text extraction process is that it looks for patterns in the image that indicates letters, words, and certain other characters
  • Right after a bit of OCR processing, this online photo text converter shows you the extracted text that is editable and actionable for all purposes. You can now copy this text to clipboard and paste it into your desired location. Besides that, there are different variety of files formats available to export the extracted text, choose one as your preference

Key Features of Image to Text

Let's dig deeper into the most useful and unique features that cardscanner mainly offer for the user convenience regarding image to text conversions. Once you go-through with these features, you come to know that this is more than an image to text converter. Let’s explore all one-by-one

  • Freemium:

Don’t fret, its free plan lets you convert up to 20 images at once into editable text formats. Unlike its counterparts, its Pro Plan is still at perk for users because this image to text converter lets them process 50 images sim;lutaneously along with 50 file size. 

  • Supports Multiple Extensions:

This online image text extractor is a flexible tool that welcomes its users with a huge variety of file extensions. No matter whether you have PNG JPG JPEG GIF JFIF PDF Webp BMP HEFI HEIC and PDF, it lets you process text extraction from all. This means, you don’t have to convert your images to a specific (compatible) format prior to proceed with cardscanner OCR tool, simple drag and drop whatever file extension you have and let this tool grab text from your files. 

  • Multiple Input Sources:

Congrats, you can see this image to text converter caters to users convenience with its dual input source feature. Users can directly drag and drop, browse and upload, copy & paste the image or its URL path, or even import files from Google Drive or OneDrive cloud sources.

  • Copy to Clipboard:

This is indicated as the most appealing feature for many users as just a single click lets them copy the pulled text. Right after text extractions, copying and pasting the text is a single step away with this OCR tool. 

  • Multiple Export Formats:

You can directly export the image text as an txt notepad file by using this converter. But what if your need involves some other formats! Don’t fret as you can export the extracted text as pdf, html, doc, and more formats for free. 

  • Universal compatibility:

No matter what device you're using, whether it's a phone, computer, or tablet, our converter makes it incredibly easy to convert images into text files. It works seamlessly on various operating systems like Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, and more. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can access this amazing OCR tool anytime and from anywhere.

Let’s Sum Up:

No doubt that there are bulk collections of OCR tools available around the internet, but not all perform accurately and even most of them come with certain limitations. An image to text converter by cardscanner always serves limitless OCR text extraction without any restriction. So, add your images and let this tool entertain you with seamless conversions without any disruption. Good Luck!