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5 Best Online Photo to Text Converter: Quick Text Extraction

5 Best Online Photo to Text Converter: Quick Text Extraction

Converting photos to text takes place many times, especially when you want to share a text file and the information is stored within existing photos. There are different other reasons behind this text-based extraction from images or scanned documents, no matter what you have. A photo to text conversion proceeds perfectly if you have a right OCR-based photo to text converter. 

Combining our experience and official research regarding photo text extraction, we shortlisted a few top 5 best online converters that lets you turn photo or scanned files into text format swiftly.

5 Best Photo to Text Converters Online: is one of the best photo to text converter available online that uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert photo to text editable formats. The fascinating thing is that it lets you convert jpg, jpeg, png, webp, gif, pdf or certain other files into actionable Text formats for free of cost. This image text extractor allows you to make OCR based conversions for up to 20 files at once without compromising over the formatting. You can find that this online web-based solution lightens faster user experience by providing innumerable features. 

Additionally, it supports multilingual OCR conversions and even lets you export the extracted text in wider file formats. Despite that, its photo translation function takes a couple of seconds to translate the extracted text to more than 140 languages. Moreover, if you want to convert 50 image files at once along with 30MB file sizes, then you simply have to navigate with its Pro plan. Don’t fret, all the plans are packed with affordable prices and entertain you with a wide array of features. 


  • Fastest Photo to Text conversions
  • Uses advanced OCR technology
  • Multiple import and export file formats supported
  • Copy to clipboard function for free
  • No manual intervention required.
  • Allow to download extracted files as Zip


  • Subscription plan required to convert more than 20 photos and scanned files into text formats
  • Can’t process up to 10MB file sizes with free plan 


This is revealed as the top-rated photo to text converter to make photo text conversions quickly. Remember that users require to register for accessing all the conversion tools for image and document conversions. 

It is capable of turning your existing image files into different compatible formats and languages. Even if it doesn't matter if you have low-resolution or pixelated images, this converter works perfectly. Keep in mind that free users are only able to transform  up to 50 pages at once. 


  • Supports nearly all popular image formats for conversion
  • Capable to make conversions for different files with 50 pages or less
  • Strong protection for processed files, it use 256-bit SSL encryption


  • No OCR processing for free users
  • Free users only capable to convert two tasks per day


One of the easy to navigate utilities that takes a couple of seconds to convert a photo to text with an effective OCR process. This online photo to text converter is highly accessible across different web-browsers, utilizing this tool to turn photos including jpeg, jpg, png, and others into text formats. 

In addition to that, you can easily process photos or scanned files including MS Word or PDF screenshots, etc. 


  • Assists to turn text from certain image formats, screenshot, etc
  • Scan and extract text from handwritten notes
  • Import different image formats including jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff, and more


  • Free users can fetch limited editing and conversion features
  • Only single file conversion at once


A must consider photo to text converter that processes conversion with online OCR recognition, scanning, and extraction. This OCR technology lightens faster-user experience by converting text from photos or scanned documents without any distraction. 

It takes less than a minute to make text extraction from existing photos, just add the image file and let it do it all swiftly. The most auspicious thing is that the layout (orientation) and formatting will remain the same while exporting photo text as digital copies. 


  • Supports image text extraction with advanced OCR on different platforms and devices
  • No sign up
  • Secured OCR conversions


  • 15 files conversion allowed in each hour
  • Max 15 MB file size can processed for the free users


JPGtoText is another perfect online OCR platform that is loaded with the best version of photo to text conversion. It is packed with a powerful OCR tool that quickly recognizes text in different languages from any image or scanned files. 

Users can directly add files from their local system storage or just drag and drop in order to make swift image text conversations online. This handy image text extractor is capable of automatically making text extraction from the uploaded photos. Once done, just a single click lets you save or copy the extracted text.


  • More than 50 different languages supported for text extraction
  • Easy to navigate plugins are available that you can add into web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, etc
  • No installation or log-in


  • Limited conversion features available for free users
  • Only supports 5 formats while converting photo to text with OCR

Let’s Conclude

There are so many OCR-based tools available on the internet that offer quick and straightforward photo text extraction processes. If you're looking for an ideal OCR-based conversion, we have listed some of the best online photo to text converters in the above article. By using these online OCR tools, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your professional documentation process in a swift manner. So, go ahead and check out these online tools for the best OCR conversions. Good luck!