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    Why Choose Our JPG to EXCEL Converter?

    Fast Conversion

    Converting a photo to excel is pretty simple and fast with this online converter, just three easy to navigate steps required to get a converted file.

    Secure Conversion

    Your uploaded and converted files are completely secure, they all are automatically deleted from the server source after conversions.

    Fully Compatible

    This online image to excel converter allows you to convert your jpg images into excel file format on any operating system and devices.

    How to Convert JPG to Excel Online?

    • Add the images that you want to convert to Excel files
    • Click on the Convert button
    • Press the Download All button to get all the converted xlsx files at once

    JPG to Excel (FAQ’s):

    How many JPG files can I convert to Excel format at a time?

    This JPEG to Excel allows you to convert up to 10 images at once into Xlsx format for free. Go with Pro plan to exceed this limit. 

    Can all kinds of images and pdfs be converted to Excel files?

    Yes, this JPG converter helps to convert different image types and scanned PDF images to Excel (Xlsx) spreadsheets. 

    Can I turn photos into MS Excel spreadsheets?

    Yes, just drop the photos into our converter and let it turn photos text into editable Excel files. It can also be done with few simple steps that offered by excel app.

    How Does a Photo to Excel Converter Ease Data Entry?

    An advanced OCR technology that is used by our converter provide relief from manual data entering, it quickly perform conversions from pictures to data cells

    How do I convert JPEG to Excel without losing formatting?

    Use our JPG to Excel converter with OCR that preserves the original formatting while making conversions.

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