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Use this online PNG to Text converter that lets you convert png images into editable text files quickly. You can create actionale txt file from existing PNG without losing formatting with this tool.

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File Supported:  PNG,  JPG,  JPEG,  GIF,  JFIF,  PDF,  WEBP,  BMP,  HEIF,  HEIC

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    Best PNG to text Converter

    Our PNG file to Text converter is loaded with a simple to navigate interface that works efficiently regarding single or batch files conversions. Get rid of those daunting installation processes, just drag & drop and get the converted text files.

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    Translate the Extracted Text

    You can now pull (extract) text from any existing PNG raster image format without any hassle with this online png to txt converter, and it also allows you to translate the extracted text into any of your desired languages with ease.

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    Turn PNG into Text on All Platforms

    This online converter is platform-independent source, this means you can process conversions across different Operating Systems (OS) such as Windows, Linux, & macOS. Prior conversion, you should make sure that your internet connection is stable.

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    Read Text from PNG Accurately

    Our PNG to txt converter uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for reading and extracting text from png without any formatting distraction. Users can process OCR-based extractions for multilingual images text.

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    Process OCR from PNG Securely

    Security and privacy is the first aspect, both png and text files are 100% secured. Once the OCR files transformation is completed with this online converter, all of them are erased automatically from the server.

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    Batch PNG to Txt Conversions

    This online converter by card scanner supports batch files processing for free. All you need to do is drag and drop the png files into this converter and let this tool make OCR conversions and provide text files for all at once.

    How to Convert PNG to Text file?

    1. Drag and drop or upload upto 20 images at once into this PNG to Text converter
    2. Click Convert to start conversions from png to text
    3. Hit Copy to Clipboard option or Download the text files as your preferences

    What Image Formats Supports By this PNG to Text Converter:

    Image Formats:

    png file Portable Network Graphic
    jpg file Joint Photographic Group
    jpeg file Joint Photographic Expert Group
    bmp file Bitmap Image
    webp file Web Picture
    gif file Graphics Interchange Format
    jfif file JPEG File Interchange Format

    Document Formats:

    pdf file Portable Document Format

    In addition to that, this image to text converter allows you to process OCR conversions for scanned documents, images, and PDFs.


    Why Need to Convert PNG file to Text?

    PNG images to Text files transformation takes place for certain reasons. The most obvious one is to make the data reliable and accessible for different purposes. Users often grab text from PNG for different cases:

    • Resume Parsing
    • Documentation scanning
    • AP Automation and more

    Can I convert png to word text file?

    Yes, you can use this png to word converter by cardscanner that lets you turn png files into txt files for free. 

    Is extracting text from png secure?

    Yes, your files' security does matter for us, they are not at all accessible for anyone and even never shared. For further details, visit this page.

    Can I convert PNG to OCR text on Mobile?

    Yes, just open your web-based browser and let this online OCR converter make conversions on both iOS and Android mobile devices. 


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