iOS Apps

Explore our iOS Apps to streamline your tasks and enhance productivity. This suite of apps puts the power of conversion at your fingertips.

Business Card Scanner + Reader

Use this iOS app for digitizing and managing business contacts, takes a matter of seconds to organize paper cards information into digital form.

  • Scan business card and save details into your mobile
  • Advanced OCR scanning
  • cloud-based (auto backup) system
  • Export contacts or information as CSV, Excel, Google Contacts, Outlook Contacts
  • auto sync of contacts
Text Scanner OCR App: OCR Scan

This app functions to make seamless text-recognition using an advanced OCR technology, it turns your iOS device into a powerful scanning tool.

  • Best Text Scanner for with advanced OCR processing
  • Handwritten to text conversion ability
  • Scan and grab text from photos and scanned documents
PDF Converter, Image to PDF

This is one go app for your iOS devices, which lets you make conversions for different compatible files to and from PDFs.

  • Convert files to and from PDFs
  • Save processed files
  • Quality preservation
  • Share converted files with a single tap
Photos to PDF Converter, Maker

This user-friendly application helps to convert existing photos into high quality PDFs on iOS devices. Works to make common image files conversion without any hassle.

  • Swift photo to pdf conversion
  • Save and share at a single go
  • Pdf preview
  • Auto sorting
  • Various pdf templates
Photo Translator - Cam Translate

Get this photo translator app and let it instantly translate the text from images, making the language barriers a thing of the past.

  • Translate photo text with a single go
  • Speak & Translate
  • Object Detection and Translation
  • Camera Translator enabled
  • Real-Time Translation
Unit Converter and Conversion

This unit converter app is indicated as an all-in-one solution for making seamless unit conversions with precision.

  • A wide array of tools available to make precise unit conversions
  • Straight-forward interface
  • History mode