Android Apps

Elevate your productivity, simplify tasks, and unlock the potential of instant conversions with our Android Apps - all in the palm of your hand.

Business Card Scanner & Reader

It helps to streamline your contact management process, works to scan, read, and digitize business cards with precision using advanced OCR processes.

  • Advanced OCR processing to scan business cards
  • Scan Card, QR Code in order to grab card details
  • Auto Synchronization enabled
  • Export contacts as CSV, Excel, Google and Outlook contacts, and Vcards
  • Auto Backup Support
  • Create a digital business card manually
  • Efficiently control your network connections
Image to text - Text scanner

With this app, you can experience seamless conversion of images to editable text. Effortlessly scan and extract text to digitize content on the go.

  • Accurate OCR-based scanning
  • Supports all common images and scanned files
  • Export converted text into desired multiple formats
  • Multi-lingual supports
  • Editing capabilities
  • Pen to print (handwritten text into editable copies)
  • Save processed files for future assistance
  • Text to speech and translated the extracted text
PDF Converter Word to PDF

This Android app lets you make all possible file conversions to and from PDF (Portable Document Format) with a single tap.

  • Easy to navigate UI (User-Interface)
  • Offline photo to pdf converter
  • Customized themes
  • Assists to scan Barcodes and QR codes to access data swiftly
  • Lock & Unlock PDF
  • Compress PDF and add watermarks
Photos to PDF Converter, Maker

Use this app to simplify the conversion process, making it convenient for users to transform your photos into organized PDFs with no hassle.

  • Simple and easy to process UI
  • Transform collection of photos into PDFs
  • Create PDF with different layouts
Photo Translator All Language

This application seamlessly breaks language barriers, it assists to translate text from images in any language without any disruption.

  • Swiftly translate text from picture
  • Photo translator text and voice
  • Object Detection and text translator all languages
Unit Converter and Calculator

Try this app to make swift conversion between various units and make different mathematical calculations accurately.

  • Wide array of converters available for different units
  • Precise conversion and calculation
  • No huge manual intervention involves to make calculations