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A free online OCR image to text converter will extract text from image, scanned document, or printed PDF by using Optical Character Recognition.



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Make use of our free image to text converter that will take instants to convert image to text. 

Let’s get down to the article below that will let you know more about OCR technology that is used by our tool to extract text from image online, screenshots of web pages, or any other sort of jpg file containing text.

How Image to Text Converter Works?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to perform swift OCR conversions. Let’s go through these!

Step # 01:

  • Tap on the UPLOAD IMAGE button to upload the image 

image to text converter

Step # 02:

  • You can also paste URL of the image directly in the designated field to extract text from image online

image to text

Step # 03:

  • You can also select image from DropBox directly to perform the conversion

extract text from image

Step # 04:

  • If your image contains text in some other language, then you have option to select the language from PANEL available at upper right corner


You can upload batch files by using different uploading ways for each image containing text in any language. The tool will immediately extract text from image online. 

convert image to text

Step # 05:

This online OCR image to text generator does following functions:

  • Extract text from image 
  • Prepare a document containing original text as in the image


picture to text

What Is OCR?

OCR online is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition. It is an innovative technology to recognize text inside images including scanned documents and photos. OCR scanning technology is said to be the best way to convert different types of images containing written text (typed, printed, or handwritten) into machine-readable text data. You can use an image to text converter online free that deals with the problem of recognizing all kinds of different characters and transforming them into readable text files. Our tool uses an advanced image to OCR reader feature that helps you to convert pictures to text in seconds.

How does Optical Character Recognition Work?

Basically, there are three steps that our free OCR word extractor from image uses to extract text from image online. These include:

Image Pre-Processing In OCR:

Typically, OCR free is the best way to pre-process images that improve the chances of successful recognition. The basic purpose of image pre-processing is an improvement of the actual image data. With such assistance, all the unwanted distortions are suppressed and specific image features are enhanced. It ultimately assists to copy text from image without any difficulty.

Character Recognition In OCR:

When it comes to actual free OCR online, it is very important to understand the actual meaning of “feature extraction”. So, if the given data is too large to be processed, then only a reduced set of features is selected. Remember that the selected features are expected to be the essential ones while those that are suspected to be redundant are ignored. 

However, the performance will be increased by using the reduced set of data instead of the initial large one. The image to text OCR converter will transform the image into a text form to provide you with the best recognition results. When it comes to the process of free OCR online, this is crucial as the algorithm needs to detect specific portions of image content.

Post-Processing In OCR:

Post-processing is the best error correction procedure that ensures the high accuracy of this OCR to word converter. However, if the output is restricted by a lexicon, the accuracy can be further improved. That’s the reason why the algorithm can fall back to a list of words that are allowed to occur in the scanned document with the help of a photo to text converter online.

Remember that optical character recognition is not only used for identifying proper words but also to read numbers and codes. The image text extractor online is useful to extract text from images online that may be long strings of numbers and letters like serial numbers used in many industries.

Benefits To Use Optical Character Recognition:

Online OCR free has the following key benefits:

Assists In Searching Lost Files:

Now an immediate access to lost PDF files is a couple of clicks away with the OCR converter. In such a condition, the text you are actually looking for is hidden somewhere in files and it is a really difficult and time consuming task to eradicate it. But do not worry as the OCR text extractor from image technology will help you to find the desired text and absolutely in seconds.

Make Editing Easy:

You can not move forward if you are not used to making changes in your contracts, writings, and text files according to new trends in the business world. OCR aids to copy text from image or any other file instantly and edit the old document to a new one containing the latest information. It means you do not need to compose a new text file from scratch which is a definite advantage of OCR technology.

Prevent Human Errors:

OCR online technology is really helpful in recognising those texts or spellings in your document that are not correct. As you know human errors are not ignorable, so OCR technology lets you nullify these errors by creating a text file containing all necessary and accurate information you are looking for.

Saves Your Precious Time And Money:

Most businesses around the globe are still stuck with huge bundles of hard paperwork. This is really very annoying because handling heavy documents is not easy every time. This is where the optical character recognition technology comes into play. It helps to scan text from images or papers and create a soft text file. This file is not only easily editable but you can also save it anywhere for future use. This will reduce your overall investment on hard documents and saves you a lot of time.

Saves Space:

Now, say goodbye to paper bundles right now! Yes, it could now swiftly happen just because of OCR technology. Now you can convert handwriting to text with an OCR image to text generator and free up the occupied area of your office for other important uses. Moreover, you can also save you a lot of extra time surfing on handling manual pieces of paper in your office.

Why Image To Text Converter By

Following are the pros of this JPG to text converter that make it the most trustworthy image to OCR online free!

Multiple Language Support:

Our free online OCR converter provides you with the facility to convert image to text in almost 25+ languages. 

Secure Conversion:

Our PNG to text converter provides a secure conversion of important data from picture to text file.

Free Service:

You do not need to pay even a single penny to extract text from image online as our free OCR converter does this all for you absolutely free of cost without quality loss.

Multiple Image Formats:

By using our free image to text extractor from image, you can drag text from following image formats:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG 
  • WEBP
  • JFIF
  • BMP
  • GIF

Downloadable Text File:

Once you have done the conversion, you can make a single click to download a text file in several formats including (PDF, HTML, DOC, and Others) for free.

High Accuracy:

Our free OCR converter online uses an advanced OCR algorithm to process photo to text conversions at an optimal level. 

Extract Text From Blur Images:

It does not matter how blur your uploaded image is, the image to text converter will take instants to prepare a non-compromised text file with no spelling mistake. Also, it will recognise any design text and paste it in the file. What are your thoughts on it?

No Retype Hustle:

Get text from image extract text from image in such a way that you are left with no further revision to improve any text or grammatical mistakes. So no retyping is time saviour as well! 


Where do I find OCR software?

You just have to navigate to the best image to text scanner by and you are almost done with your search. Just fetch in your images to drag important data packed in it and save your file in any format you want.

What if My OCR Output is Really Bad?

Many OCR softwares are unable to perceive important information from images that are quite blurry. And this image to text converter has specially encountered the issue to provide you with best results in text extraction.

Do I really need to Proofread and Correct an OCR output?

It depends on the files for which you are going to make image text extraction. Once you are done with conversion with our OCR converter, you must have a final eye on the file generated.


To better deal with different types of input OCR, you need specific and best OCR software. Quit worrying more as our photo to text generator does all for you to provide digitized copy text from image. The picture to text converter will be able to deal with the different image format and improve the OCR recognition accuracy.

Now it does not matter what type of image you have chosen to extract text from, all you need to keep in mind is the image is just a combination of dots and lines. In other words, we can say that we are left with unstructured text data that becomes hard to read in case of blur quality of image. And this is where our free image to text converter comes to aid.

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