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Acceptable Content Terms:

We accept articles on the following topics:

  • Image to text extraction
  • Business documentation tricks
  • Real Estate
  • Data encryption



  • Use Focus Keyword in your title
  • It must be in H1 Tag
  • Try making title as engaging as it can be
  • Try to make it concise to the point

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  • Add primary keyword in it
  • Try to make it an idea about the whole content

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  • Your post is 100% original
  • Enriched in information wanted by our audience
  • Contains proper keywords
  • Content must hit the tone of our audience so as to engage them for longer
  • Must be both Use-Friendly and SEO Friendly
  • Should contain proper headlines and short term paragraphs
  • Use bullet points to emphasize on various tricks
  • Add different related queries in the content that could help our public to get advantage from

Be Aware!

Make sure you are not sending us any press release, gambling, trade, or adult related content. We do not accept such posts!

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The process is quite simple! Try sending us your content via an email. Make sure you do not share the Zip file as we do not accept it!

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The very moment we receive your article, we will forward it to our editor team to proofread. In case of any changes required, we will definitely let you know asap. Otherwise, your content is just ready to be published on our site! If you have any query regarding publishing your article or other issues, feel free to contact us right now.