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How to Copy Text From Image (Best Ways)?

How to Copy Text From Image (Best Ways)?

Most often we receive a text embedded in a photo and wish to copy for a certain purpose. No matter whether it is a plain text, an email address, or full context of writing, these below-mentioned lets you make text extraction swiftly. 

These ways let you pull text from the existing picture without any formatting disruption.

How to Copy Text From Your Image Using a Free Online Service?

The source of the card scanner allows you to copy text from image with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) converter. Using this online OCR tool allows you to make conversions on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Also, no matter what device you have, this online utility helps to make OCR conversions on all.

  • Visit cardscanner
  • Hit “image to text” converter from the top navigation bar
  • Drag multiple images at once from which you want to copy embedded text
  • Click Convert
  • Download the converted text files at once or simply copy to clipboard

How to Copy Words From a Picture Using Google Lens?

Lens technology by Google allows you to pull text from the existing image files effortlessly. This is the most popular application that is available on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. 

  • Launch the Google Lens application and make a click on the existing image
  • Next, make a click on Text that is packed with pill-shaped icon from the main toolbar
  • Using the secondary menu at the bottom, make a click on Select all. This is the process that will highlight the full text in the image swiftly
  • You just ought to use the blue cursors for adjusting the text that you decided to copy
  • Make an instant click on the Copy Text that lets you copy text to your device clipboard
  • Finally, paste the plain text to the application or into your desired file format

How to Copy and Paste Text From a Picture in iOS?

The process is pretty simple, let's take a look:

  • Open the Photos application from your iOS device and navigate with the image that you wish to scan
  • Simply press down and on to any word (text) embedded in your image till it’s properly selected. This is where a menu will be prompt above it
  • Right after that, you need to drag the cursors around for choosing the words that you decided to copy with this app
  • Then, you need to click on the Copy that enables you to copy the text to the clipboard. Alternatively, all you need to make a click on the Select All option and Copy to select all the text that embedded in your image
  • Very next, you need to open the desired application where you need to paste the text
  • Now, click and hold the given text box till the windows-box appears
  • At last, make a click on the paste to paste the copied text

Additionally, you could account for this method to make a call to a number. You have to stick with the same process that lets you highlight the number. This is where a windows prompt to make the call to that number. Similarly, if you decide to scan a website, you just need to hit it in the dialog box to visit it. And, if your text is packed in a different language:

  • Open your image and move further by pressing and holding th text to choose it
  • Make a click on the arrow from the dialog box and hit the Translate option
  • Then, you ought to click the Change Language and then Play that lets you listen to the text and its translation. Also, you could make a simply click on the Copy translation to copy that text into your clipboard