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Top 5 Easy to Navigate Text Scanners

Top 5 Easy to Navigate Text Scanners


A text scanner or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application plays a crucial role for anyone who regularly scans text from images or scanned documents. There are innumerable text scanners for certain files available around the internet, but there’s no consistency in terms of performance. For the assistance of selection, we have put together a few best text scanners that lets you process perfect text scanning without any disruption. 


This is one of the super-fast platforms that entertain you with a best text scanner. You can fetch full-fledged business card scanner applications for both iOS and Android devices. The source of extracts every single element from the business, event, or any paper cards and stores it into a particular device. The most appealing feature of this business card reader is that it is capable of reading the business cards that are packed within other languages such as Arabic, Portugues, Turkey, Russian, and more. Also, this text scanner with OCR swiftly scans text from images, PDFs, or scanned documents and makes extraction for editing and sharing concerns. 

Give a try to this business card organizer right now and let this tool organize the extracted data into digital form. Scanning text from business cards is pretty simple with this handy application, just open your phone’s camera and scan the cards with a single tap.

Microsoft OneNote:

It is referred to as the best text scanning application that works best on PC. This app mainly functions to transform PDF and scanned image formats into multiple MS Formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. When it comes to reading printed text, its OCR is indicated as the robust technology. Besides the text scanner, this source is loaded with different other tools such as page management and password security for certain purposes. 

Since it is native to Windows, it works efficiently and optimally integrated with this OS platform. Image enhancement is referred to as one of the greatest features of this application. Moreover, if your images are a little blurry, OneNote sharpens their quality and proceeds with significant level text extraction. The downside is that this program does not work perfectly with handwritten text images. 


This is another text scanner application available around the market that lets you handle large numbers of image files and certain PDF documents. You can find that this app functions to transform all your photos into PDF format and provides the text parts as the editable and searchable source.  Basically, it is indicated as an OCR specialist application for your mobile. The amazing thing is that this text scanner supports scanning for more than 50 different output types, this means users can easily extract text in any format. It also provided you with singing and security features that work perfectly while sharing or collaborating with a team.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

If you’re dealing with PDF files consistently, then you might already have an idea about Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It is referred to as the most useful PDF editor around the market and even loaded with OCR text scanning capabilities. The most auspicious thing is that this text scanner is highly integrated with the Windows ecosystem, and even available for other platforms including Android, iOS, and macOS.  The most apparent reason to use this app is that it is entirely interoperable with other Adobe products like Photoshop. 

The only downside is that its subscription plans are too expensive for small businesses and even its interface is a bit complicated. 


As the name reveals that this is OCR services to process with image text scanning and extraction. This is indicated as the most convenient desktop-based OCR solution that swiftly converts image to text without any huge manual intervention. Remember that the entire conversion process is highly secure, this means you don’t have to worry about the information being hacked. Once the files session is completed, they will be automatically deleted from the service source. This text scanner proceeds in a simple manner: just upload the files, wait for the transformation, and download the newly converted files at once. You can find that this OCR text file scanner will automatically turn your text based images into an optimal text format online.