Blog / How to Use an Image to Text Converter: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use an Image to Text Converter: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use an Image to Text Converter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today’s world is entirely dominated by digital content and this is where image to text conversion becomes increasingly valuable. And, converters powered by Optical Character Recognition makes it possible and does not require any manual intervention. In this step-by-step tutorial, we are going to mention the process of using the image to text converter on, which will take less than a minute to extract text from existing images or PDFs.

Steps to Follow to Convert an Image to Text:

Follow these comprehensive steps to convert your images or documents into an editable and searchable text file.

Step 1: Accessing the Image to Text Converter

To start, you need to visit the image to text converter page on homepage. You will get the user-friendly interface that assists you to initiate the transformation process effortlessly.

Step 2: Uploading Your Image

Make an instant click on the tool-section or button to add the image that you need to convert into editable text. Don’t fret as it could be a scanned document, a photograph of a printed page, screenshot, or any image that contains the textual information.

Step 3: Crop and Rotate (optional):

Once your file is uploaded into this OCR tool, you can crop the specific area from which you want to extract the text and then rotate as your preferences.

Step 4: Initiating the Conversion

With your preferences set, make a simple click on the given “Convert” button and let this converter start the OCR process. The online OCR converter will swiftly analyze the image, recognize each character, and generate the extracted text.

Step 5: Reviewing the Results

Right after the conversion is completed, you’ll be presented with the newly converted text. Take a couple of seconds to review the extracted text and ensure accuracy. If required, you can start with making desired corrections or adjustments.

Step 6: Downloading the Text

Once you are satisfied with the converted text, navigate with the given options for downloading the text. You may here have choices for different text formats, proceed with as your preference. Save the extracted text to your device for further use.

Step 7: Exploring Additional Features

At, you can explore various additional features. Navigate with the functionalities including text editing, language translation, different export formats. Get its pro subscription in order to get all the features that are not available in the free version.

How the OCR Recognition Process Works?

Optical Character Recognition (Overview)

OCR is indicated as the underlying technology that enables this conversion tool to scan and extract (grab) the textual information from images. It proceeds by swiftly analyzing the shapes, patterns, and arrangements of characters packed within an image.

Preprocessing the Image

Before OCR starts, the imported image file undergoes pre-processing. This involves various tasks such as contrast enhancement, noise reduction, and image normalization for optimizing the image for character recognition.

Character Recognition

The converter swiftly identifies the individual characters within the image during the OCR process. This will indulge with recognizing the unique shapes as well as patterns that are associated with numbers, letters, and symbols.

Text Reconstruction

Once the entire characters are identified, OCR technology reconstructs the text, even preserving the layout and formatting as possible to the original uploaded image. This is the thing that ensures the newly generated text will remain faithful to the source material.

Output and Download

After the successful OCR-based recognition, the extracted text is presented to the user. Very next, users can easily download the converted text in their desired document format, whether it's plain text, PDF, or a Microsoft Word document.


Using an image to text conversion tool does not have to be a daunting or complex task. With cardscanner, the conversion process is streamlined, provides you with accuracy and convenience. Whether you need to digitize documents, extract information from images, or just save the time on manual intervention, the OCR tool offers a powerful solution.

By following the above-discussed tutorial and understating the OCR process for text recognition, users can harness the potential of this text-based conversion. This will make your digital workflow more efficient and even open-up new possibilities for managing the textual information. Try OCR converter on today and fetch the ease of turning images into editable text.