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You can find that extracting text from images & scanned pages has become a fundamental need for various businesses and individuals. This is where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plays a crucial role, it swiftly enables seamless conversion of images and scanned files into editable and actionable text format. However, two most prominent players in this domain are and Although both OCR-Powered Image to Text Converters offer swift conversions, still differentiating them makes perfect sense in order to choose one of the best. 

In this context, we are going to provide a comprehensive comparison of both websites features, capabilities, and user experiences. 

What Set Apart From

Certainly, there are some functionalities that stand out Cardscanner apart from its counterpart:

  • Supports multiple image formats that we mentioned-below
  • Download the extracted content in different text formats
  • Makes translation for the extracted content over 100 languages
  • Convert up to 20 images at once (most advantageous feature for free bulk conversions)

Try this image to text converter right now to make OCR-based text extraction and know how cardscanner stand out from its all counterparts.

The Basics of and is an online platform that offers a dedicated image to text converter to transform images and scanned files into editable text format. Utilizing OCR technology, this online converter simplifies the process of text-based extraction from existing files. Cardscanner is primarily focused on accurately extracting data from the images and organizing them into digital file formats.

On the other hand, specializes in converting images into editable and searchable text format online. It is indicated as the best utility by offering the ability to process different image formats without any hassle. The primary objective of this platform is to enhance the accessibility and usability of textual content packed within the images. 

Major Differences: vs

Let's delve into the major differences between and and find out what actually sets them apart.

Target Audience and Use Cases:

Image to text converter primarily appeals to professionals and businesses that frequently handle image text extraction. Its advanced OCR capabilities are finely tuned to efficiently and accurately extract information from images and PDFs. This is referred to as an ideal choice for salespeople, networking events, industries, students, teachers and ordinary individuals seeking efficient image to text extraction solutions with OCR.

This platform has a broader target audience including researchers, professionals, students, individuals. You can find that its image to text converter accommodates a wide array of image formats that ranges from different file types to handwritten notes. It is one of the best online OCR tools for those who need to extract text from diverse images for archiving, editing, or sharing concerns. 

Image Compatibility: specializes to grab text from different image formats including pg, jpeg, png, gif, jfif, webp, bmp, heif, and heic to text format. It recognizes and extracts information from scanned pages, screenshots, pinterest/Twitter/facebook/instagram images, archiving photos, class notes images, assignments photos, and more. Once you grab the text from these images, this OCR tool accurately makes digital copies without sacrificing the formatting and quality of the content. is also lets you deal with different files including photographs, scanned documents, and pictures that contains both printed and handwritten context. Its widely supported image formats makes it a versatile solution for those who are dealing with a huge range of text data on a daily-basis.

Output Formats and Editing Capabilities:

Its image to text converter allow you to export extracted text as different formats including:

  • Text (txt)
  • PDF
  • MS Word 2003 or older (doc)
  • MS Word 2007-2021 (docx)
  • Excel 2003 or older (xls)
  • Excel 2007-2021 (xlsx)
  • CSV File (csv)
  • Rich-Text-Format (rtf)
  • OpenDocument Text (odt)
  • Html file (html)

In addition to these formats, users can make a single click to copy the extracted text to clipboard. And the output content data can be easily translated over 100 languages within a single go with this online image text converter. This is why it becomes a suitable choice for both professional and personal.

This image text extractor offers output in different editable text formats that includes plain text, MS Word documents, and even editable and searchable PDF files. You can find that this full-fledged attribute allows you to edit, format, and use the extracted content as your preference.

Notable Similarities and Additional Features

Although and slightly differ with core functionalities - you can find that both image to text conversion source loaded with some common features and additional capabilities.

1. OCR Accuracy and Language Support:

Both image text extractor uses advanced OCR technology for ensuring the accurate text-based extraction. They offer multilingual support, bridge gaps between language barriers.

2. User-Friendly Interface:

These both desktop-based online OCR tools prioritize user experience with intuitive interface. Users can make instant images to text extraction with minimal technical expertise by using these tools.

3. Cloud-based Convenience:

Both OCR converters are cloud-based, eliminating the need for users to download and install software. This full-fledged accessibility enables users to access the OCR services from any device & operating system with a stable internet connection.

4. Security and Privacy:

Your files are secure and private while processing text extraction with the online converters. They delete all the uploaded and downloaded extracted text files automatically right after conversions.

5. Batch Processing:

Both platforms entertain you with batch files conversions for free of cost, still cardscanner comes at top with this functionality.


Both are well-known online presence regarding image to text conversions. Choosing between these two utilities hinges on the users specific OCR-based transformation requirements. With strong upsides and commitments, cardscanner is the full-fledged source that offers different valuable features for free within its image to text converter. However, by reading each and everything about both platforms, users can make decisions based on their needs.