Blog / Revolutionize Your Contact Management: The Top Business Card Scanning Apps and Tools

Revolutionize Your Contact Management: The Top Business Card Scanning Apps and Tools

Revolutionize Your Contact Management: The Top Business Card Scanning Apps and Tools

Getting information can take time and effort in the fast-paced business world. Remembering every customer’s name and preferences is hard, especially if it is done manually.

Serving your clients and users can take a lot of work. The information regarding the clients can be generated with the assistance of the card scanners. CRM is efficiently managed with the Cardscnners and its related tools.

Be careful about the personal information of the clients. In some countries like Kenya, 84% of clients don’t like to share their personal information. In India, the ratio is 78 %, so it is critical when sharing personal data about clients. This data is collected by the survey from Statista, a reliable source.


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But first, what is contact management?

Contact management lets you store information about customers and leads to be stored, accessed quickly, changed, and tracked. Software for customer relationship management (CRM) or a spreadsheet can be used to keep track of contacts.

Because contact management is now digital, you can get helpful customer information. The fact that all offices can see the same information speeds up communication and makes things run more smoothly. If you can communicate better, you can spend more time with your customers and less on work tasks.

Business card scanning apps in modern business

Business card scanning apps are now an essential part of modern business. They have changed how workers keep track of and use their network contacts.

Here are some of the information shared for managing the Contact Management

  • Efficient contact management: In modern-day business, it is essential to manage contact information. CRM is the core of the marketing strategy in modern-day business. The Physical cards are readily converted into Digital cards, which save time and storage on the hard drive. 
  • Integration with digital ecosystems: Many apps for business scanning cards are connected to Email clients. This ensures easy CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The smooth merging ensures the contact information sensitivity.
  • Ease of access and sharing: They can quickly access and collect information from any device. The digital contacts are easily shareable with the team members. The accessibility of the data is easy and gathering information is accessible to the company.

More apps for digitizing will be made as contract management and scanning technology improve. Thankfully, skilled professionals with information systems careers can make things much easier when developing such software.

As you read this blog, you will learn about the different apps that you can use to scan business cards and how you can handle your contacts better.

Key features of business card scanning apps

There are many features in business card reading apps that make it easier to get and organize contact information. 

The most important things about these apps are:

Multilingual support

Many apps that scan business cards can read and process text in multiple languages, making them useful for foreign business settings.

Integration with other contact management systems

These apps work efficiently with other CRM programs like the contacts on the apps, Smartphones, or email clients. This ensures all the information is secure and well preserved.

User-friendly Interface

An intuitive and easy-to-navigate layout ensures that users can use the app effectively without going through a long learning process.

Cloud storage and backup

Many apps that scan business cards offer cloud storage so that contact information is always safe and can be accessed from any device. This feature also makes it simple to save and get back personal information.

Scanning in groups

Scan several business cards at once with this feature. This feature saves time for people who need to handle a lot of cards, like after a meeting or networking event.

Best Apps for Business Card Scanning

Apps that read business cards are useful for modern workers because they let them keep track of business contacts in a safe, organized, and quick way.

And now, let’s proceed with the different business card scanning tools.

Business Card Scanning Tool #1: CamCard

CamCard is a cloud-based service that helps professionals and teams take pictures of business cards, keep them, and share them with others during seminars, trade shows, meetings, and other events. The multilingual solution lets users scan multiple cards at once and import contact information, which is then saved in one place.

Businesses can use CamCard to add meeting notes to e-cards, including text and pictures. Through this, everyone on the team can access and see the notes. Users can also use tags to look for and find business cards that suit their particular needs. Companies that use Salesforce CRM can scan and store business cards and send emails to contacts to make conversations easier.

  • Reads cards in 16 languages
  • Scan all your paper cards at once to eliminate all the extra cards.
  • Notification alerts for new contacts joining 
  • During meetings, trade shows, or seminars, you can trade e-cards with people nearby
  • Profile creation
  • Synchronize cards across different devices
  • Meeting notes with text or images

Business Card Scanning Tool #2: Business Card Scanner & Reader

The Business Card Scanner and Reader app is a sophisticated tool designed for accurate recognition, scanning, and text extraction from business cards using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality. It efficiently scans cards, extracting crucial information such as company name, user name, phone number, address, email, and more. The business card scanner automatically saves the contact details to your device.

Simplify your contact management with a single click using this application. It allows you to export your scanned cards seamlessly to Excel, CSV, Google, Outlook Contacts, and VCards. This Business Card Scanner to Contact app promises to be your ultimate contact management solution!

  • Scan business cards
  • Export scanned contacts
  • Import contacts
  • Backup files
  • Save contacts
  • Multi-language support

Business Card Scanning Tool #3: Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is an optical character recognition (OCR) tool that can help businesses take and store information from pictures, documents, notes, whiteboards, business cards, and more. It lets people scan and save any written or printed text as a digital file.

Microsoft Lens can capture, evaluate, modify, and share data, which is one of its most crucial capabilities. For companies, you may save images on your PC or on the cloud.You only have to turn them into PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files. Papers, notes, and whiteboards can be  scanned and saved in OneNote or OneDrive so that students can use them later.

  • ID Scanning
  • PDF Conversion
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Image to Text (OCR)
  • Image to Table
  • Image to Contact
  • Immersive Reader
  • QR Code Scan

Business Card Scanning Tool #4: ABBYY Business Card Reader

Scanning business cards and keeping track of contacts is easy with the ABBYY Business Card Reader, a cloud-based contact management solution. Syncing data across multiple devices, sharing files, taking pictures, and being able to track your position are the best features.

OCR technology on the platform lets contact information from business cards be automatically read. This includes name, company, phone number, and email address.

Users can share digital business cards with clients and coworkers via email via JPEG or VCard with the ABBYY Business Card Reader. Contact information is kept in a central database and synced across multiple devices, so you can view it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Data export/import
  • Sync options
  • Digital Address Book
  • Contact Management
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Data capture and transfer

Business Card Scanning Tool #5: ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards is a mobile app that helps sales and marketing teams of different sizes scan business cards and use the contact list to find new leads. The essential features are badge scanning, batch export, signature capture, and activity logs.

OCR technology in ScanBizCards lets users make contact lists in real time by scanning pictures. Users can also manually type in information from cards that can't be read. ScanBizCards allows exhibitors to get visitor information from event badges, make new contact information, or merge current customer accounts. Marketing managers can also give leads to team members and create campaigns specifically for potential customers.

  • OCR-powered business card
  • Conference Badge Scanner
  • CRM integrations 
  • Multiple contact exports
  • Human Transcription Service
  • API integration
  • Email Signature Capture

Future of Contact Management and Scanning Technology

The growing number of scanning technologies is set to advance with several innovations and trends:

  • The changes that AI and ML have brought about have affected every business, and contact management is no different. A lot of these improvements are already happening. For instance, AI shapes and powers contact management, data enrichment, lead scoring, and prediction analytics. 
  • According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect personalization when interacting with brands and expect it to happen occasionally.
  • Based on the trends listed by MSI, AI looks at scanned papers to pull out important information, which cuts down on the need for people to enter data by hand. OCR (optical character recognition) software improves over time as it learns from mistakes.

Some significant developments

New technologies and trends in contract management and scanning aim to make businesses handle papers and contracts more efficiently, accurately, and safely.

Here are some potential developments:

  • Advanced OCR and Machine Learning: OCR technology is improving as machine learning techniques are added. This combination makes text recognition much more accurate in scanned papers, even when the conditions and formats differ. It lets you get more complex information, like finding specific contract clauses or terms.
  • Privacy and Ethics in AI: There will be more and more attention paid to ethical issues and following data security rules.

Boost contact management with advanced business card scanning tools.

The rising number of apps and tools for contact management has created a giant leap in how professionals handle relationship building and networking.

These tools have advanced features like highly accurate OCR technology and easy integration with other digital environments. These features make managing an extensive network of contacts faster and less likely to make mistakes.

Digitizing and organizing contacts is easy; you can access and share this information across multiple platforms. This works great in today's fast-paced, interconnected business world.