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Simply drag and drop your images or PDFs, and extract text with our online image to text converter for free. Just a single click lets you copy the extracted text.

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    How to Convert PDF to Text With OCR Online?

    • Upload your PDF files to the converter's toolbox
    • Click 'Convert' to start the OCR conversion
    • Download the editable plain text file with a single click.


    Why to convert PDF to Text?

    Converting PDF to Text offers versatility by enabling easy content editing, copy-pasting, and searchability. It streamlines data extraction, enhances accessibility, and ensures cross-platform compatibility. This conversion reduces file sizes and aids translation and even text analysis becomes easier.

    How to extract text from PDF without software installation?

    You can make text-based extraction from PDF without installing any software by using our PDF to text extractor online. This tool lets you upload a PDF file, and it will transform it into an actionable plain text notepad format that you can easily download.

    How can I copy text from pdf files?

    You can easily copy text from any PDF files using this PDF text grabber. It enables you to pull text from pdf files and save it to your clipboard by using its advanced OCR processing. Also you can copy text from any image file format using this image to text converter by cardscanner.

    Will the formatting of the original PDF be preserved in the converted text?

    Yes, using our PDF to text converter retains the original PDF text layout and content while exporting it as plain text format. 

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